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Trax Fax
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-established 1986-
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  online 2011







Quinton Q. Qualls, Jr.
Editor/Publisher/Featured Writer/Songplugger








Paul Nelson
'Hit' Songwriter/Featured Writer "Best of Paul Nelson"



Scott Edward Phelps
Featured Writer "Words by Scott Edward Phelps"/ Chief Consultant
Presently Program Director at Golden Isles Broadcasting---Brunswick, Georgia



Jamie Klee
Singer/Songwriter from California
A week after Jamie subscribed to Trax Fax, Trax Fax songplugger, Quinton Qualls, sat down with Producer Josh Leo around Josh's kitchen table and played several of Jamie Klee's songs. Josh Leo (Alabama, Juice Newton, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Timothy B. Schmidt)  loved Jamie's sound and the depth of her songs. Several weeks later Josh secured Jamie an Artist/Development Publishing Deal with Warner/Electra/Asylum Music.

Frank Jeffus
Songwriter from Texas
Frank's song "If I've Got A Miracle Coming" was brought to Trax Fax after his publisher, Carson Chamberlain, subscribed to Trax Fax. Quinton Qualls pitched "If I've Got A Miracle Coming" for Trax Fax to Margie Hunt at CBS/Sony Records. Margie loved the song and asked for more songs by Frank Jeffus. Margie called several  publishers on Frank's behalf and secured Frank Jeffus a co-publisher deal with Sony/Tree Music Publishing.  


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